About me

I have two decades of experience as a professional photographer, in both digital and film photography.

Although I love all those technical aspects of cameras, I truly love just capturing life and all the wonderful, and occasionally not so wonderful, aspects about it. I enjoy taking images that tell a story, and I am especially passionate about photographing people and the moments that matter in life. I want my images to be genuine, reflecting real life emotions, beautiful relationships and the joys of family. My goal is to capture the small things in our moments that turn out to be the important things later on in life.

I am an international, award-winning photographer. Travel can be discussed.

I live near Seattle, Washington with my beautiful wife and two daughters. In my free time, I am an avid mountain biker and collector of wild mushrooms. I enjoy home improvement activities and love documentaries. I believe in integrity and generosity, in both my personal life and business life.

For more information, please contact me using my Contact Us page. Or, contact me directly at terry@terrybehal.com or 206.491.7104.

Terry Behal